Rotting Scene’s philosophy is based on 4 simple laws:

  • No authority!
  • No censorship!
  • No circle jerk!
  • Fuck old fashioned, traditional & corporate magazines!

Rotting Scene protects and respects privacy of writers. If you do not disclosure yourself, information of yours will not be given to anyone for any case! 🔥

Rotting Scene is based on a decentralized system, so it does not have any owner, director, or a permanent writer. Each individual writer is considered a shareholder. 🌹

Rotting Scene is against the fake authorities in art/music industry! 🔪

Rotting Scene is against censorship! 💣

Rotting Scene thinks that traditional online music magazines are fucking boring which are surrounded by pretended and disgusting corporate people. 🏴󠁡󠁦󠁷󠁡󠁲󠁿

Rotting Scene says “FUCK OFF!” to all egocentric people who does not have sense of humor. ⚔️

Rotting Scene welcomes all writers who want to share ideas and reviews on art and music. ❤️

We are writing our personal experiences and the effects of the sensations that are created by the beautiful timbre, formed by the combination of different art and musical understandings in the rotting scene. 🗡️